For more than 50 years, the philosophy on which we operate our business is based on honesty, transparency, and knowledge. It is the reason why JIMCO is the premier rolling cart company in America.

Perspective: Our perspective starts with our heritage.
From our early days through today, we have listened and learned from the best in the grocery and retail industry.
We share your business beliefs and values, such as, striving for–

  1. Total customer satisfaction, and
  2. Improvement of customer and associate satisfaction, while never losing sight on safety.

Insight: We are a majority woman-owned business.
In today’s world, women account for 88% of all consumer purchases. We use our insight to channel the perspective of the female shopper who enters your store, which is unlike our competition. True knowledge of your target group provides the spark we need to put the added care and attention into our craft, producing the highest performing carts on the market.

Approach: Our business approach is straightforward.
JIMCO excels in the cleaning and preventative maintenance of rolling carts and equipment. While others have a vested interest–and even a hidden agenda–in up-selling you carts they manufacture, we team with our clients to safeguard costs by increasing the life of their current equipment. As our clients can attest, our approach saves them money while increasing the satisfaction of their customers.
Under our care, rolling carts last eight years on average.

Fundamentals: Our core competency separates us from the competition.
It starts with having the best, highly trained technicians in the industry providing the highest quality service.
Rivaled but rarely duplicated by our competition, our training empowers our field staff to repair and clean equipment efficiently. Our field and office staff work closely together, continuously solving new challenges as these arise. Our aim is to return your carts and equipment back into rotation as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Through our unique perspective, approach and core competency, trust is built. JIMCO gives our word and we keep it. Being your partner in creating exceptional customer experiences isn’t measured in square feet or in how many wheels we repair. It’s about how our craftsmanship makes shopping stress free, easy and fun for your customer.

Everyone wins when someone cares to connect high performing carts with great shopping experiences for consumers and great working experiences for employees. This is our heritage. It’s our name. It’s our promise to you.



Our History

With the advent of the shopping cart in 1937, grocery and retail industry began to explosively penetrate American communities. Over the next few decades, the industry’s dramatic growth continuously increased the expense for new shopping carts. This cost weighed heavily on the finances of retailers, and keeping those carts clean and in good shape started to become ones key to success.

A man named Jim Warbington recognized this fact 50 years ago when he started Jim’s Cart Service. To build his business, Jim traveled tirelessly throughout Florida, forging relationships with store owners and managers in virtually every corner of the state. During a time without cell phones on hand, he was so dedicated and disciplined to making his stops, along what came to be known as Jim’s Route, that his clients already knew when he’d be arriving and would have the carts waiting for him.

During the company’s early years, Jim teamed with–and learned from–some of the grocery and retail industry’s leading icons about their rolling carts and equipment. Together, they delivered what the end customers really wanted from their store: an exceptional in-store experience.

Today, through the leadership of Lynn Field, Jim’s daughter, this tradition continues. In what is now called JIMCO Jim’s legacy lives on and the company’s unique solution remains successful even 50 years later.

As the nation’s premier cart company utilizing the most advanced technology and service protocols, we specialize in customized preventative maintenance plans that save major corporations with large facilities and/or retail operations thousands of dollars annually.

We partner with like-minded businesses who want vendors to share their corporate beliefs in maintaining quality, safety and customer satisfaction. We team with such businesses in different areas throughout the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States.