JIMCO Clients: A Profile

Adaptable, partner oriented, small enough to care about your customer, big enough to serve them in any geographic area of the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States. This is JIMCO.

With more than 50 years of experience with the biggest brands in retail, JIMCO maintains shopping carts, work equipment, (including rolling stock, scissor lifts, and waste compactors) for clients across the supermarket, home improvement, restaurant and retail industries.

While our clients come in different sizes and volumes, they all share common traits we look for in an ideal customer relationship:

  1. They focus on their customer, their safety and their overall shopping experience.
  2. They are dedicated to a clean environment, from their shopping carts through their employee work areas.
  3. They focus on their partner’s quality of work and attention to detail, not the cheapest price that cuts corners.
  4. They want contracted, regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure all of the above is done right.