Why Work for Us?

From the home office from Venice, Florida, the top 10 reasons you should want to work at JIMCO:

  • Work for the premier company in our industry.
  • Our family-owned business cares for our diverse employees and treats them like family.
  • Serving the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S., our customer base provides stability to our employees.
  • Our competitive pay with great benefits including the ability to participate in a 401K, makes us an industry leader.
  • We use the latest technologies to make employees work smarter, not harder.
  • Outstanding employee training program.
  • Room for advancement. Come on as a Field Associate move up to Truck Leader, then Utility Trainer, District Manager, Regional Manager.
  • Good field support by Venice, Florida, headquarters.
  • Solid Operations and HR Team.
  • Great and friendly office and warehouse work environment to work in.