Shopping Cart Preventative Maintenance; Important Things to Consider

Shopping Cart Preventative Maintenance; Important Things to Consider


Preventative Maintenance is a series of routines, procedures and steps that are taken in an attempt to identify and resolve potential problems before they happen.

For equipment, such as shopping carts, this means implementing a preventative maintenance program on a scheduled, regular frequency. The following is an outline of what is done during a scheduled visit with the reasons for each of the procedures:

Pressure washing:

In addition to maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the carts, regular cleaning is very important to maintaining the equipment for as long as possible. Jimco’s traditional method of cart cleaning involves pre-treating each cart with a specially formulated degreaser, brush scrubbing the frame as well as the front plate, and hot water pressure washing each piece of equipment individually with 180°F degree water at 3,000 PSI.

This method has been designed to accomplish several things:

  1. Kills a majority of bacteria. Bacteria multiplies rapidly between 40°F and 140°F. Pressure washing the carts at 180°F helps to clean your carts of harmful bacteria, such as E. coli.
  2. The brush-scrubbing and pressure washing actions help to remove surface rust.
  3. Our commercial grade pressure washers cycle the water through containers of a liquid wax solution. The wax protects the shopping cart frame from future corrosion and gives the equipment a professional, shiny appearance.


After the carts have been thoroughly washed, each cart is inspected to determine if repairs are necessary. As stated above, Jimco technicians will check for damage to:

– Wheels and Casters

– Leg-Hole Closures

– Handles

– Bumpers

– Broken or Missing Wires

– Damaged Welds

– Obstacles, (e.g., string or tape in the wheels)


The average life span of shopping carts under different maintenance regimes: 

Typical costs of a shopping cart preventative maintenance program

75¢ to $1.20 per cart for each cleaning (price ranges depends on the level of service chosen. Please request a price sheet for more details).

Additional cart costs are those incurred despite whether a preventative maintenance program is in place. These include wheel and caster replacement, welding repairs, and parts replacement (i.e., handles, leg hole closures, etc.) But these costs arise simply from the mere fact of having shopping

carts. As stated below, a good preventative maintenance program will help minimize the severity of necessary repairs and therefore reduce future repair costs.


Benefits of a Cart Preventative Maintenance Program:

– Increased equipment longevity.

– Decrease unexpected breakdowns and maximize the productivity of your carts.

– Regular maintenance systematizes upkeep and repair costs.

Under a preventative maintenance regime, radical changes in equipment failure are greatly decreased. This offers the peace of mind that all the equipment is working as best it can all the time. Furthermore, Jimco tracks the health of your carts and can provide valuable information to assist in the preparation of budgets for future cart purchases.

– Regularly sanitized equipment.

– Manage brand image with clean, professional equipment.

– Make your customers happy with smooth riding carts all the time.

Liability Reduction

A sophisticated cart maintenance company, like Jimco, can make a tremendous contribution toward reducing the risk of negligence and worker’s compensation law suits, which often result from unexpected failure of store equipment (e.g., shopping carts and rolling stock equipment).

As an asset that physically allows customers to make high-volume purchases in the store, the shopping cart is an invaluable piece of equipment. It also represents one of your biggest liability risks. Regular scheduled visits from Jimco Maintenance provide you with the piece of mind that all of your shopping carts will be maintained in accordance with all safety regulations. This includes carts that have:

– Properly installed safety belts that are in good condition.

– No sharp or rusty objects that arise from broken handles, leg-hole closures, missing bumpers, or damaged welds.

– Straight frames and front plates to prevent steering problems or carts that easily tip over. An additional benefit is that straight frames will prevent premature wheel wear.

– The right parts for the right application in accordance with required safety laws.

Jimco Maintenance implements redundant record-keeping processes to ensure that crucial data is available when you need it. We keep electronic and paper files of all invoices, scheduled services, and emergency work orders. This information is accurate and detailed and can be provided over the Internet or in the mail.