At JIMCO quality isn’t something that’s achieved. It’s rigorously sought after every single day. How else would we deliver on our promise of creating exceptional customer experiences?

Our industry-leading quality assurance program is designed to get results; not just record problems. That’s why we’ve synchronized our QA and training programs to work together, not separately.

Our regionally dedicated, full-time trainers and QA inspectors, with more than 100 years of combined experience, work one-on-one with newly hired technicians to provide intensive on-the-job training. Multimedia training materials are used to provide more training. Through our process, trainers identify weaknesses and work with our tech until solved.

Once training is complete, the same trainers and inspectors randomly inspect service locations prior to, during, and after services to ensure that all jobs are done according to the highest safety and aesthetic standard possible. Our inspectors even interview store management and personnel on the quality of the job performed.

Without a doubt, our techs receive the best training in our industry. That’s why JIMCO provides the best service in the industry.